The next level of availability with @Veeam and @NimbleStorage, by @data_dave_r @VeeamUGUK

Who are Nimble Storage

A lot of the problems that we solve are to do with improving application responsiveness. 
SSD was becoming more cost effective, cloud based analytics was becoming more feasible so created a product that combined fast performance with built in telemetry.

Benefits of Telemetry

Through integration with VMware, the cloud based telemetry platform (Infosight) 

allows users to get to the root cause of issues, seeing VMware level information such as within guest resource usage through to storage metrics.

There is a single architecture & management platform for both all flash and adaptive flash systems, .

Veeam with Nimble Highlights

Integration with Veeam allows for reduced time to take backups, greatly reduce VMware snapshot consolidation OS stun times, and to increase the speed of restores.

It is very feature rich, on a par with other Storage systems that Veeam integrates with.

Backup from Storage Snapshots

Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots

On Demand Sandbox from Storage Snapshots

1-2-3 for Enterprise SLAs

Configuring Veeam and Nimble Storage

Creating a manual snapshot

Recovering from a Nimble Snapshot

Configuring Backup from Snapshots

Backup VM from a secondary Nimble Array

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